Friday, August 19, 2016

Late Season Produce

Armenian cucumber plant

Late Season Produce

We got a late start this year for planting.  That didn't stop the armenian cucumbers and other plants from getting busy.  This is actually a great time of year for these plants and we will soon be deep in fresh produce.

Honeysuckle, armenian cucumber , tomato, peppers
We have several types of plants growing on the
dog run fence, along with some honeysuckle on the gate arbor.  It looks really nice and we're looking forward to being able to garden again.

We tried some cluster planting and the vine shade from the cucumbers seem to be helping keep the tomato and pepper roots cool.

We can't wait to get some fresh food on the table.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Grocer To Garden Approved, The Jackfruit

Jackfrut purchased from Lee Lee International Market

The Jackfruit - Grocer To Garden Approved

My son told me about this crazy fruit that has texture of pork and tastes like pineapple and banana combined.  For such an unusual description, I had to try it out for myself.

I went to Lee Lee Supermarket and found whole and partial fruits.  These fruits are HUGE.  For a buy to try, I decided on the partial option in case it didn't turn out too well...  No need to spend a bundle if it's not a sure winner.

At the store, there were various colorings of the Jackfruit.  A very kind couple picked out a ripe one and instructed on which part is edible.  There *is* still good in the world...

The Taste

I was expecting something with more tang like pineapple, but it really is more like the mellow part of a pineapple mixed with earthy canteloupe.  It is refreshingly sweet - not an overbearing sickeningly sweet fruit.

Garden Approved

We tried it and decided this is probably a good fruit to grow.  However the trees are super huge and there are soooooo many trees/fruits out there to decide on it becomes a difficult decision to grow this one or not.  It is a water hog, and we already have an avocado tree in the chute that is also a water hog and doesn't require as much ambient humidity.

We're going to sprout seeds and do more taste tests.  We should have a couple of years to decide before these need to be put in the ground.