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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Edible Bonsai Trees

Bonsais In The Yarden

Olive bonsai tree, details unknown
A few years ago I bought an Oleo europaea (vague name) olive tree from Gurneys, and then forgot I bought it (delayed delivery due to the season it was ordered).  I then bought a Oleo europaea 'Manzanillo' olive tree from Peaceful Valley after having a renewed interest.  Then, during the same season I received two olive trees.  The Gurney's tree was noticeably smaller than the Peaceful Valley and I decided then that I would make it a Bonsai.

I ordered the book Bonsai4me: Bonsai Basics quite some time ago, and reminded me that I had already ordered it when I tried to order it again this evening.  Amazon is so good like that.  In keeping with the Bonsai timing, it is now a year plus later and the small olive tree is quite scraggly and out of control, but it has a great windblown lean to it.  It even has a few olives.  It's sad to think that I'll have to take some drastic measures on the little tree.  I'm not ready yet...

What, Exactly Is A Bonsai?

According to Wikipedia, Japanese Imperial Bonsai trees can be up to 80 inches tall.  This is very workable. There are different styles to contemplate when forming your bonsai. According to the Bonsai4me author, bonsai trees are meant to be grown outside as much as possible and inside only as a protective seasonal option  or for shows which last a short duration of time.

Caring For Your Bonsai
"Driftwood" (Conocarpus erectus)

I'm just starting out, so I have no good information myself.  There are many books available, the bonsai community bonsai4me, and many blogs that provide helpful tips on how to care for and start your Bonsai.

This is a very exciting hobby to embark on.  Now that we're digging into the actual details of the hobby, I'm looking at my avocado sprout a little harder.  They make for great bonzai trees too!

If it works like the espalier training does, it could cause the trees to produce fruit earlier and in larger quantities (for the size).  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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