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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Note 3 Macro Shots

Macro Shots!

Today is a happy day for me!  I adjusted the Camera FV-5 exposure settings and added the Lesung®4 in 1 Magnetic Macro Lense after receiving it today and am very pleased with the macro shots! 

Chrysopidae - Lacewing eggs
Chrysopidae - Lacewing eggs hatched

Lacewing Egg Stalks

As soon as I got the lens on, I knew exactly what I wanted to get shots of...  The lacewing egg stalks that are planted on the tomato cage.  Sadly, it was when the macro was taken that I discovered they had
Chrysopidae - Lacewing eggs unhatched
Chrysopidae - Lacewing eggs,
already hatched...  But something is on one of the eggs.  The photo isn't clear enough to tell what it is exactly.  

But, I have another set that hasn't hatched yet! Hooray!  I'll be taking photos of these regularly to find when they hatch and hopefully catch them before they run off and hunt.

Physalis philadelphica flower
Physalis philadelphica flower

Tomatillo Flower

I don't know what it is about the tomatillo flowers.  To me, they are so alien looking with the fused petals and the brilliant projected stamens.  This particular flower doesn't have as much contrast at the center, which emphasizes the brightness of the yellows in the stamen and the petals.  And the stamen have these stripes that are so unusual.  Maybe I just don't notice it on other flowers...


This morning I discovered some thin white fluff on the Avocado seed.  The avocado is in a DIY self-watering
planter (formerly known as a wine bottle), and the top soil doesn't seem to be too moist.  It could be mycelium.  It could be mold.  I really don't know because I am not experienced with mycelium or mold.  We live in an arid climate.  The container is in front of a window. 

I tried researching to determine if I should get rid of it or not, and found a site that states mold is a good thing.  My mold looks similar to their mold.  I don't know what to do yet, so I will watch and observe.  Otherwise the avocado and alyssum seem to be happy little sun worshipers...  

Cucurbitaceae tendril
Cucurbitaceae tendril

Cucumber tendril

Cucumber tendrils are very interesting to look at.  They curl and spiral and make soft, elegant shapes before clinging tenaciously with their little death grips on whatever they can find to hoist them further towards the sun.  Some people don't seem to like the tendrils, but there are reasons to keep them:

There is no reason to remove the tendrils from your cucumber plant, even if you do not plan on letting them grow horizontally. Removing the tendrils will cause more harm than good and create a wound that allows bacterial organisms that would harm or kill the cucumber plant.The best thing to do is to let these tendrils grow naturally. You may even want to consider providing supports for your cucumber plants to grow up. Not only does this provide a more natural environment for your cucumber plants but it will save you some room in your garden.~ GardeningKnowHow

Soft-focus Eggplant Flower
Solanum melongena flower
Solanum melongena flower

Another gorgeous flower is the eggplant flower. The lovely lavender petals contrast with the light yellows of the stamen and the green shades of the leaves.

The petals form similarly as the tomatillo... seems reasonable since they're both in the nightshade family.  We really enjoyed the black beauty eggplants last year.  The plant kept going strong and producing until the first frost.  

Green onion bulblets - allium
Green onion bulblets - allium

Green Onion Bulblets

The green onions have been a lot of fun to grow and observe.  These are decidedly a staple to keep in our garden year-round.  The flowers produce the little bulblets at the top that aren't supposed to produce any more onions from what I could find.  The bulblets taste really good though!  

Final Note

I am very happy with this purchase.  The macro lens is the best lens in the 4-pack.  The other lenses created a black halo around the subject.  Being that I only wanted the macro lens, it is still a very satisfying purchase.  I hope to share many good macro photos in the future!

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