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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saffron Crocus Year Two

Crocus sativus, Thymus serpyllum, Monarda

Saffron Crocus Year Two

After the bloom last year, the bulbs were set aside and kind of forgotten about in the planter. One day I looked over and discovered the bulbs started blooming all on their own after an extended drought (by nature of neglect).

Not all bulbs survived, but whatever bulbs I found got stuck into a planter with a tiny Mother of Thyme and Monarda plant, all equally struggling. This was during the frost period in Phoenix - a week maybe? LOL

Anyway, they all seem to be making a come back in the fine spring type weather we are experiencing here. I check every few days to see if we get another flower... not yet... and probably not until next fall. That is quite some time.

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