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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Good Fruits

Mangosteen, Rambutan and Longan

Good Fruits

I was happy to find the fruits I've been looking for at the Chinese Cultural Center today.  I made the scoop with some Longan, Rambutan and Purple Mangosteen.  Not knowing what is or is not ripe, I just picked some and got it home, pretty excited to try out some of these new fruits. 

Rotten Mangosteen

I started out with the Mangonsteen.  It was the one most difficult fruit to find locally.  It was difficult to open most of them, one was very blackened and much was cast aside.  It was a big disappointment, but it is better to pay $6.99 a lb with this risk rather than order it shipped for $90.00 and get just as little.  

The clue, as I've read, is that the mangosteen is overripe when the peel is really hard and firm.  In fact, in a video it showed that the mangosteen dripped juice when it was cut into.  None of these had juice when cut.  Out of the 10 fruits, I was able to eat probably 3 sections worth of fruit just to get an idea of what a fresh mangosteen is like.  

Being the queen of fruits, perhaps they are better fresh, because although they are pretty tasty, I would not pay more than I paid at the Cultural center.  None of these had seeds that could be used for growing, so I guess my search for fresh mangosteen continues.

Partially peeled Rambutan


Of the three similar fruits, Rambutan, Longan and Lychee, Rambutan is my pick.  It is a bit tart and very sweet.  I really like tart and sweet.  Very similar to a grape as many others have posted in their blogs.  Very tasty.

Longan fruits, One partially peeled.

The order of favorites, most to least, is Rambutan, Lychee and Longan.  Longan fruit is small but packs quite a taste.  It is like a very ripe canteloupe with a milky kind of finish.  

Musky undertones, sweet finish.  Sweetness hangs around for quite some time.

After trying these fruits, I'm definitely going to grow some... or at least attempt to in our arid, non tropical environment.  These three are good candidates for container gardening and large, imperial bonsai.  

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