Sunday, August 14, 2016

Grocer To Garden Approved, The Jackfruit

Jackfrut purchased from Lee Lee International Market

The Jackfruit - Grocer To Garden Approved

My son told me about this crazy fruit that has texture of pork and tastes like pineapple and banana combined.  For such an unusual description, I had to try it out for myself.

I went to Lee Lee Supermarket and found whole and partial fruits.  These fruits are HUGE.  For a buy to try, I decided on the partial option in case it didn't turn out too well...  No need to spend a bundle if it's not a sure winner.

At the store, there were various colorings of the Jackfruit.  A very kind couple picked out a ripe one and instructed on which part is edible.  There *is* still good in the world...

The Taste

I was expecting something with more tang like pineapple, but it really is more like the mellow part of a pineapple mixed with earthy canteloupe.  It is refreshingly sweet - not an overbearing sickeningly sweet fruit.

Garden Approved

We tried it and decided this is probably a good fruit to grow.  However the trees are super huge and there are soooooo many trees/fruits out there to decide on it becomes a difficult decision to grow this one or not.  It is a water hog, and we already have an avocado tree in the chute that is also a water hog and doesn't require as much ambient humidity.

We're going to sprout seeds and do more taste tests.  We should have a couple of years to decide before these need to be put in the ground.