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Saturday, September 10, 2016

More Fruit Tests

Mango, Cherimoya, Kiwano and Brown Turkish Figs

More Fruit Tests

Saturday's fruit expedition started at an open market to see if there were any exotic fruits to try.  There were no interesting figs, not much by way of tropical fruits aside from some mangos.  

We bought a mango to try growing it from seed. We then headed over to our Sprouts store, where we found some Brown Turkish Figs,  Cherimoya and Kiwano.

I tried a fig.  The fig was pretty good, I have to say.  Not as flavorful or sweet as I would have expected.  A couple had mold, so perhaps it was because they weren't fresh off the tree.  

The fig has a strawberry like texture, just not as 'seedy'.  The flavor is mildly sweet, kind of grassy.  Overall, it is something I could see growing and I think we made the right decision to get the sweeter varieties (Green Ischia, Peter's Honey and Panache Tiger). 

The Kiwano seems ripe based on color and give.   We cut it up.  It looks a lot like passion fruit.
Cut up Kiwano
 Mostly seed, some gel.  The flavor is almost non-existent, with some lemon tart.  I will not be saving seeds for growing these.  I skipped on passion fruit as well.  

I'm not sure if the mango is ripe yet. According to the info we found, it has no give like an avocado and no scent from where the stem was attached.  We're going to give it a few days.  

The Cherimoya is not ripe yet, as it has no give like an avocado.  It feels pretty hard.  Based on the web, I may have to wait several days before it will have optimal flavor.


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