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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Seedling SIP Update

Lychee root activity

Seedling SIP Update

Just wanted to write a brief follow up for the DIY Seedling SIP starters. They are doing great!  The Lychee are the first to show some really good fine root development. The updates on these seedlings will be posted in the Lychee Bonsai diary from now on.  We have two successes from the seeds saved, probably because they were the freshest.

The jackfruits are sending down some thick tap roots and there is some fine root activity going on as well.

Jackfruit root activity
I'm not sure where I'll be posting updates for these trees.  These trees are so large, we will only be keeping one from all the sprouts.  The size of the fruits would ruin the bonsai aesthetic, but we may keep one like that just for kicks.

All the jackfruit are doing well and the dark green seedling leaves can be seen from the top of the cups, just below the soil even though the roots aren't all visible. 

After this success, I think we will be using this method for germinating most of everything, after soaking seeds to get them started.  We have some seeds soaking in a water dish until they show signs of germination, then they will be put in the SIPs for growing seedlings.  So far, we are soaking some sapodilla, fresh rambutan seeds, remaining lychee seeds, longan seeds, and dwarf arabica coffee beans.

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