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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Whats New In October

Praying Mantis On Basil Flowers

October 2, 2016

The weather is starting to cool off with a majority of days under 100 degrees (finally!)  The few plants we set out in late August are doing really well and attracting some beneficial insects.

We have a praying mantis hanging out on our sweet basil and green onion plants. Looks like it is doing a great job if we judge by the fat abdomen.

We've been chopping the basil back by half, leaving a few longer stems and it just keeps getting thicker.

The Bicolor Buddleia barely made it through the heat
Bicolor Buddleia
of summer and is starting to make a bit of a come back now that the weather is cooling off.  Once it is reestablished, many cuttings will be taken to propagate new plants.

The times the Buddleia has blossomed, I haven't seen much bee or butterfly activity.

Armenian Cucumbers
Our Armenian cucumbers are quite productive. We had a nice long vine with some good sized cucumbers developing, and the vine snapped for some reason - ending up in a big loss.  

We are just now getting some new cucumbers that can be harvested in another couple of weeks.  These are my all-time favorite cucumbers.

We have some Anaheim chiles that are perking up suddenly and
Anaheim chiles
making many flowers and fruits.  We're looking forward to letting these become red and making some home-made red chili sauce for enchiladas.

Texas Ebony
Our home-grown Texas Ebony seems to be suffering from an attack.  The bark has split down past the cambium layer and one of the branches is losing leaves.

The likely culprits are flatheaded borers, which are easier to prevent than to get rid of.  We did have some problems with watering consistency, and moving the tree in its planter from one location to another several times.  During these moves, we broke developing roots.  This could have stressed the tree to attract the little buggers.  This is another one to take some softwood cuttings of for propagation.

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