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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

First Day Of Summer

Historical Monthly Record Highs

First Day Of Summer

And it is a scorcher over here.  It is really nothing new, but declaring today as the 'first day of summer' seems a bit of a joke.

Our record high for June was 122 which occurred in 1999.  I was here for that.  We had a bunch of t-shirts proudly worn by Phoenicians: 'I survived the summer of 122'.

Just yesterday, the high was 119, and we can still get scorch-tortured through to the end of July.  This is when we generally stay indoors.

40% Shade Cover
A nice deep layer of mulch and a 40% shade seems to do the trick for the garden right now.  We have a bunch of little starter plants in preparation for the cooler weather.  Many tomatoes will not produce when the temps are above 100f, so we didn't bother working on a summer harvest.

Sun Scorched Avocado Leaves
Some of the more tender plants are still in the smaller shade area with less exposure to sunlight throughout the day.  Our avocado tree had to be moved into that area as some of the leaves became sun scorched.

Some of the plants are getting bleached out leaves in response to the intense sun and the non stop heat.  Pretty soon we'll be in the period of summer where even the night time temperatures are still hovering around 100.

It is not a particularly enjoyable time of year as far as the weather is concerned, but I would not trade all this hot hot sunshine for constant clouds and rain or months of being shut in due to loads of snow and dark days.  I must like the sunshine as much as my plants do! 

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