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Monday, October 15, 2018

First Sweet Potato Harvest

 First Sweet Potato Harvest

Not really sure, but we may have pulled up some of the Stokes Purple sweet potatoes.  The exterior color is quite red and the interior coloring is a light purple...  until cooked!  Then the inside became a dark ruby purple kind of color.

These potatoes are delicious fresh from the ground.  A slightly nutty flavor, great with a little butter and not the sugary sweet taste of potatoes bought at the store.  Personally, I like these better fresh and am looking forward to making the purple gnocchi.

Why Grow A Purple Potato?

Purple Stokes

My interest was piqued by an NPR recipe for purple and red gnocchi made from sweet potatoes.   For some reason, these look a bit more pink than purple fresh from the ground.  I wonder if letting them sit and starch up for a few months brings out the purple coloring more.

Purple Stokes, Fresh
After slicing,  and cooking it up in the microwave, adding just a little bit of butter, we got this ruby red interior instead of a purple color.  For the purple potato collection, we are also growing some Purple Molokai, Okinowan and the popular purple ube (a true yam).

We should be able to post some comparisons between them close to the end of the season and sort out which is which (we didn't label them). 

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