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Monday, January 21, 2019



PHiGGY Project

I haven't been posting much here as a lot of time has been spent on getting the PHiGGY site started.

All the plant action has been going on in the Fig page here, where new cuttings are added quite freqently, but we're heading for a slow down.

We have heartily adopted the Urban definition of PHiGGY at PHiGGY.ORG to represent the obsession many people have with trying to grow figs in all sorts of places and the trials and failures that happen along the way. Something perhaps only other plant fanatics would understand.

We're starting with PHiGGY, but believe it is a project that can get traction and be available on a wider scale for all sorts of plants.

So, apologies for the slow posts while we get things together.  In the mean time, enjoy some figs!

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