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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Winter Clean Up

Gourds, Luffas And Compost Upgrade

Winter Clean Up

The frost got all the vines.  Gourd, luffa and potato vines.  We haven't had a frost in a couple of years and haven't had temps this cold for about 5 years.  

We have many, many birdhouse gourds and many large and straight luffa gourds that we set out to dry after the vines died back.

The compost bins were built in about an hour, just framing up four wooden pallets and cutting the front pallet down some for easy reach.  Quick and dirty, but we think they look pretty good as well.  

Fig Shaped Gourd
The gourds and luffas will dry out, the luffas will get peeled in a few days and some time in the spring or summer the gourds will be used for crafting.  We have one particular gourd that is very fig shaped.  This one may just end up some kind of fig shaped box.  We have some leather dye that is supposed to make some excellent coloring on the gourd shell following proper drying.

I'll be making updates on this project, so stay tuned!

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