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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Slow Season Update

Dormant Fuyu Persimmon Buds

Slow Season Update

It is the slow season, and there are a few things going on here.  We are wondering when is the best time to graft persimmons in our zone (low desert (USDA 9b). 

We were cautioned the scions we received will not take if added too soon in the season.  I have searched hi and lo trying to find a picture of the persimmon buds for the tree receiving a graft to get an idea of what is an acceptable time.  No bueno. 

We started three cuttings each of Chocolate Persimmon and Coffee Cake persimmon like we do our fig cuttings.  According to SFGate, it should be possible. With two each of the remaining cuttings, I'm going to try a standard field graft of some branches so we have one Fuyu persimmon tree with multiple fruit types.  Two non astringent and one astringent.  This should be fun!

Jiffy Pellets Aren't Just For Seeds
Sweet Potato Slips

We grew some super delicious and prolific sweet potatoes this last summer.  We didn't get a lot of potatoes, so to get a jump on the season, I put a couple of slips into our fig sized jiffy pods after harvesting, and they seem to love it! 

Personally, I liked the shape and ease of harvesting from planters than harvesting from the garden soil. Planting sweet potatoes between the fig trees was also a bad idea as we don't really want to mess around in the fig tree root zones. 

They're Back!

Nasturtiums self-seeded and have started growing again.  I really enjoyed eating these in place of radishes.  This year we may try doing something with the seeds along with the petals and leaves. 


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