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Black Pepper

Piper Nigrum (black pepper) aka Le Pew

Black Pepper 

Black pepper is a tropical plant that can grow well in a pot and can be grown as a house plant.

Pepper can take three to four years to bear fruit outside, but may never produce fruit when grown inside, which could be due to a lack of pollination.

As displayed in the image below, the flowers are quite tiny. They seem to be even smaller than olive tree flowers, but slightly more pronounced than grape flowers.
Piper Nigrum (black pepper) flowers

Since we have the pink peppercorns from the California Pepper tree, Schinus Molle, we also wanted the traditional pepper plant from which white, red, green and black peppercorns are produced.

Piper Nigrum 'Le Pew'

June 11, 2017

Le Pew is still not doing well.  Every new leaf gets rotted brown edges.  I added more acidity to the soil and that didn't seem to help.  Now we are moving Le Pew into a less protected area and changed out the soil to something more easily draining - added some pearlite and top dressed with bark.

We also took advantage of the Texas ebony trimming and used the dead tree
Piper Nigrum 'Le Pew' and
Dead Texas ebony branch
branch to make a very interesting lattice for Le Pew.  It is zig-zagging and has thorns that can help Le Pew ascend to a higher state.  Pretty interesting look, I think.

Le Pew has quite a bit of ground to cover now.  I would really like for the pepper vine to do better.

Piper Nigrum Le Pew

March 25, 2017

Le Pew is not doing so well now.  The leaves have become light and the new leaf had fallen off.  Another new leaf started, but it is still pale and now there are all these little droplet looking things all over the plant.

No other plants have this and when looking at pepper plant images
Piper Nigrum Le Pew
online, there is no mention of this phenomenon.  It is safe to assume this is some kind of insect invasion, but I'm not sure what the nature of the insect invasion is.

After much research, however, someone experienced this with an okra plant and learned that the plant could be sweating sap.  There are additional pictures along with explaining why plants sweat sap.

The indication is that the plant is being over-watered in the tray with the other tropical plants.  Le Pew will be taken out of the watering tray and left to drain completely without extra moisture.  This may resolve the issues.

Piper Nigrum Le Pew

March 5, 2017

Le Pew has a whole new leaf starting since arrival in February.  It seems to be quite a fast growing plant if this speed of growth is expected on a regular basis.  Everything seems to look good and doing well.

Pepper Nigrum, Le Pew

February 21, 2017

Le Pew arrived, and is one whole leaf with another leaf sprout. The pepper plant looks pretty good, seemed to have traveled well.

February 11, 2017

Le Pew was purchased from Waiting for Le Pew to arrive.

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