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Blueberry Bonsai Diaries

In our area, blueberries make great bonsai candidates because their soil requirements are so acidic and our soils are on the other side of their PH preference spectrum.  In bonsai, we can provide much better control of the soil condition.

We currently have two varieties; Misty and Pink Lemonade.  Both have low chill requirements and can make for some really interesting bonsai with the colored leaves, textured bark and interesting fruits.

Soil - Almost all fruits do best in slightly acidic soil, somewhere between a pH of 5.5 and 6.5. Blueberries prefer a soil of even greater acidity of between 4.09 and 5.0. Drainage - Adequate drainage is important.

Regular feedings of low dose fertilizer, like cotton seed meal, to keep the container growth going, but not leggy.

Lets Get Growin

SUN: Afternoon shade
WATER: Water Regularly
SOIL PH: 4.0-5.0
FERTILIZER: Fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, or sulfur-coated urea are high acid fertilizers. Azalea mix is my preferred fertilizer for acid loving plants.

April 8, 2017 - Little Fruits
Sunshine Blue Blueberries

The Sunshine Blue Blueberry plants have favored us with a few berries. These are young plants and we probably should not allow them to bear fruit, but I really love my blueberries! I have to have a few to keep me going here.

Almost all of the buds were pictures of Sunshine Blue or TopHat, as we sorted them out. The pink colored blooms were definitely the Sunshine Blue variety. We'll be able to keep better track of these in the future as we have them more organized.

Biloxi Blueberries

March 28, 2017 - All Sorted Out

So, after reviewing the older post and the plant markers during transplant, we have the blueberries sorted out and labeled.  Our inventory includes Top Hat, Sunshine Blue, Pink Lemonade, Misty and now Biloxi.

Top Hat is a lowbush/highbush cross.  Sunshine Blue is a Southern Highbush variety. Pink Lemonade is a Rabbiteye variety.   Misty is a Southern Highbush variety. And Biloxi is a Southern Highbush variety.  All of these blueberry varieties are reported to be self-pollinating, but heavier producing with a cross pollinator. It looks like we have them all covered except for Pink Lemonade, which is our only lonely rabbiteye.  We did buy two of each.  Yes, this makes 10 blueberry plants.  The final home of these plants will depend on production and attractiveness.  We may hand off some of the non producers (Top Hat and Misty) to my son in a lower climate zone with more chill hours to see if he has any luck with them.

March 12, 2017 - We Got The Biloxi Blues
Biloxi Blueberries

The Biloxi blueberries arrived and are parked in the windowsill for a bit until we get them moved to the yarden.

We tend to get some really good blueberry plants that do well in our climate from

Hopefully we'll have a variety of blueberry flavors and colors to choose from throughout the year.  We've also checked into how to propagate blueberry plants, so we may end up multiplying the most successful plants for our yarden.

Blueberry plant

March 5, 2017 - Completely Lost Track of The Blueberries

So, the blueberries have been kind of neglected and just kind of 'left around'.  A couple of berries were combined together in some larger pots and some new blueberries were just plopped down around them to get through winter and see what happens. In the process, I lost track of which ones are which.

Blueberry plant

I found a sale on some no chill hour Biloxi blueberry plants and ended up ordering a couple. These are year round bloomers and producers and will be a great addition.

Blueberry plant
Some of the plants are forming blue colored berries, so these would definitely not be the pink lemonade variety.

I'm not sure what it is about blueberries that I'm addicted to, but I really enjoy the fruits and plants.  I'm just not sure what to do with all of them or how to incorporate them into the yarden.  I
Blueberry plant
think some may be topiaries and some may be bonsai. But all are destined to remain container garden plants due to them loving the acidic soil which is not natural in our area here.

I think this is eight blueberry plants now.  Phew... I'm sure I can eat whatever the plants provide, but not sure the birds and roof rats would leave any to me.

October 23, 2016 - Sunshine Blue and TopHat Added

I missed having the Sunshine Blue and ended up getting Top Hat as well. Sunshine Blue only requires 150 chill hours, Top Hat is out of the range and was a bit of an accident, but the leaves should look great.  Pink Lemonade will fruit on a meager 200 chill hours. Misty will need 300 chill hours, which can be iffy for us here. All of these are Southern Highbush varieties except for the Pink Lemonade.

September 18, 2016 Transfers
First Year Pruning

The blueberry plants haven't been doing so well in their nursery pots. The soil was amended with 1.5 cups azalea mix each and two plants were put in each pot. Bark mulch was added to the top of the soil.  We will see how they work out.

Blueberry Plants
We will treat the blueberries as though this is their first year and we just got them. We will follow the pruning method for a first year plant to get them restarted and hopefully rejuvenated.

We have two each of Pink Lemonade and Misty blueberries. Pink Lemonade can grow to 5' tall and generates hot pink berries following spring blossoms. The fruit is produced through to October.  Misty grows up to 6' tall, and berries ripen in June.

Another southern low chill variety for the list is Sunshine Blue.

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