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Calculating Water

Mantis - Mantodea - Praying Mantis
Mantis - Mantodea - Praying Mantis cleaning water off

Calculating Water

One of the biggest challenges faced by gardeners is knowing how much to water.  I found information for calculating how much water to use at  It can be time consuming and difficult to figure this out when trying to put everything together.  Especially if you have combination raised beds, planters and yardens.

To help simplify this, we have help from a friend who created a spreadsheet so that we can calculate not only how much water we need, but also how much it will cost.  Just click this link (Water Calculator), to start your water consumption planning!

Most anyone can read excel files these days, with Open Office and Google docs helpers. Any corrections or modification requests are welcome!

I hope you find this as helpful as I found it to be!

Happy gardening!

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