Garcinia madruno 
Diary of Charichuelo Bonsai 

We added another tropical plant to the bonsai diaries. This one is also called madrono or bumpy lemon as the rind is quite unusual.

The fruit looks like a shriveled droopy lemon, and has a similar rind. The interior is soft white pulp and has a popular, slightly citrusy taste people have compared to a sweet santol fruit or lemony cotton candy. ~ 

This is another purchase from our favorite Etsy shop. The tree arrived safely and securely today. This one is a five year old - pretty close to fruit bearing age. 

The seller is on Etsy (sc00bySnacks69) and provided
Garcinia madruno latex drops
great support to all questions about the plant and care.  Seller also shipped the plants very securely. 

This tree has latex, which is evidenced by some bright yellow droplets exuding from a light scratch on a leaf.

Garcinia madruno fruit
We are looking forward to trying some of these fruits in the near future from our own home grown tree.