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Chiko Sapote

Sapodilla Bonsai

Chiko Sapote (Sapodilla) Bonsai Diary 

Looks like a potato, and has a soft pear texture. This fruit tastes like sweet pear and a mix of brown sugar/caramel.  It is a very sweet fruit. A bit much for me and I'm not sure what I will do with it. Seems like a compote or sweet sauce candidate.

These are great container gardening candidates and can be grown from seed.  It can take up to 8 years for a well tended tree to produce fruit and then 9-10 months for the fruit to become ripe.  USDA Zone 10.

Sapodilla can be grown in planters, and as shown by the photo can make quite attractive bonsai specimen as well.  I found some at a store and picked them up.  The seeds I bought rotted as they probably are not viable unless sprouted just after eating the fruit.  The fresh seeds seem to be swelling up and splitting.

Lets Get Growin...

SUN: Full sun
WATER: Water regularly
SOIL PH: 4.0-7.0
FERTILIZER: Fertilize with 8-4-8 N P K every 45 days.

October 29, 2017; 30 1575 Days To Fresh Fruit
Manikara Zapote var Alano

Okay... I'm having a hard time buying that this little bitty plant will actually put out fruit in the next 30 days.

I think we need to reset the clock - maybe I had some bad internet information, even though whatever the net tells me is supposed to be true. :p Yeah, sure!

More internet research revealed someone waited 7 years to get 5 litte fruits. Some seed grown trees take up to 5 years to bear fruit.  I have no idea where the one or two year information came from, but pretty sure it was about a grafted tree or total bunk.

Manikara Zapote var Alano

August 5, 2017; 115 Days To Fresh Fruit

The Manikara was put into a larger pot and responded appreciatively with new growth.  This one seems to be another slow growing tree, but it could be it just needs some root room.

If this tripled in size, based on how long it has taken to get this tall, I imagine it will look pretty ridiculous sporting some fruits the size of apples.

This is one I will probably keep on the smaller side of the imperials as the fruit would not be one of my favorites.  It is so sugary sweet and rich, it is hard to eat an entire fruit. It tastes kind of like a soft, grainy apple loaded with brown sugar.  Grainy like some pears get.

June 10, 2017, 171 Days To Fresh Fruit:
Manikara Zapote var Alano

It has been quite some time and we are just now seeing some new growth on this little sprout. I wonder how much growth we will see over the summer - it seems to be the time the tropicals start to really energize their growth.

We have maybe two leaves since March?  Wow... that is pretty slow, but that's okay.  It has been a sturdy little plant so far with no perceived issues in the growth part.  I may try moving it closer to the sun where it will have more hours of indirect lighting and see how it performs.

March 5, 2017, 268 Days To Fresh Fruit:

Breaking out the macro lens to record plant health and growth, and the Chikoo seems to be doing well, has some nice growth...  however...  there appears to be some soft bodied scale on it.  This is the only plant I have in this area with the scale and it had to have come on the plant.

I sprayed the leaves down and rubbed them a bit to physically clean up the plant and remove the scale.  Also isolating the Chikoo from the other plants.

February 21, 2017, 280 Days To Fresh Fruit:  
Manikara Zapote var Alano

The seedling arrived today.  It looks pretty healthy.  Probably will be a slow grower, but quick producer.  Alano is supposed to be very sweet and good cultivar to grow.  Which zapote is the best is hotly debated, but many people find Alano to be good tasting and heavy producer.

February 12, 2017:  Failed Seeds, Ordered a Plant

The seeds failed some time ago.  I believe it was an unfortunate skipping of watering that caused the problem.  Decided to skip the germination and just get a tree.

October 15, 2016:  Seed Germination
Manilkara zapota 'Rosalyn'

The mail order seeds were dried out and would not germinate. The fresh Sapodilla seeds were used for sprouting. I tried soaking, wrapping in paper towels and leaving the seeds in water.  The paper towels ended up keeping the Sapodilla seeds moist enough to swell up and one actually started a root. The seeds were transferred to a tray/egg crate seed starter which is the absolute best way I have ever sprouted any seeds. First sprouter is named Rosalyn.  I'm not sure how many more viable seeds we will have.

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