Crested Stapelia

Crested Stepelia

Crested Stapelia

Crested Stapelia is a mal-formed version of the Stepelia plant.  In normal form, Stapelia have square shaped stems and unusual, five-lobed flowers resembling star fish.

The flowers may be red, purple or yellow, often with interesting banded patterns. Most Stapelia flowers produce a putrid odour of rotting carrion to attract blow flies as pollinators, which is why they are called “Carrion Flowers”. 

However, Stapelia erectiflora and Stapelia flavopurpurea have sweetly scented flowers, and the flowers really do look like brightly colored star fish.

Stapelia flavopurpurea

When I inquired about this with the seller, I was told it is three years old and has never bloomed. It may be a no bloomer, which will be okay with me, because I'd rather have a nice smelling star fish replicant.

Fan Sponge

The color may not be quite right, compared to the sponge coral but the shape is pretty close. Close enough of an excuse for me to buy this specimen.  We get a little instant gratification...  Just add cactus soil...

The next Stapelia on the list will be a flavopurpurea.  The flowers are just so darn cute and they will smell good to boot!

Lets Get Growin

November 15, 2017, Crested Stapelia Arrived
Crested Stapelia Unboxed

Okay.  You cannot tell me that this doesn't look like something that just crawled out of the sea and into the mailbox. Nope. You.  Cannot.

I read somewhere else that a stapelia took four years to bloom from cutting, so maybe we will see something (or smell something) in the next year or so. 

That is it for now...  until I find something suitable for it to grow in.