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Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama
Diary of Grumichama Topiary

My favorite tropical Etsy seller has some wonderful little Grumichama seedlings.  The plants are so cute!  The leaves look like they are floating on top of some threads, the stems are so thin.

The great thing about these are that they are sub-tropical, much like the citrus trees we have here.  They should not be as demanding as the true tropical plants.  These babies do best in part shade, with open air space and plenty of water.

In about four or five years, the tree will bear fruit.  The berries will eventually be dark red and round, with cartoonish little sepals on the bottom.  Not too unlike blueberries, actually.  These are also called brazilian cherries.

Many people describe
Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama
these as tasting similar to the cooler climate cherries.

Don't let the cute fruits fool ya.  These trees can become huge, with dense green foliage... which is why they would make great topiary candidates.

Let's Get Growin'

SUN: Filtered when young
WATER: Water Regularly
SOIL PH: 5.5 - 6.5
FERTILIZER: Apply 1⁄4 pound of organic 6-6-6 fertilizer four times per year until the third year of growth, then switch to 1⁄4 pound of 8-8-8 and increase the amount commensurate with growth. Fertilizer should be applied around the drip line. Twice-yearly applications of compost or mulch will help growth. Micronutrients should be applied as needed.

Eugenia brasiliensis - Grumichama

November 5, 2017 1728 Days To Fresh Fruit

We have more leaves and it looks like a bit of chlorisis going on too.  It has been at least three months since arrival and the grumichama look like they are doing well enough. They have been kept in the original tray, stuck in coconut coir to retain moisture and receive a lot of protection and surrounding plant transpiration.

One was decapitated, so we now have only five. Maybe a rat, I don't know. We have some new planters (aka cheap, but nice looking garbage cans) arriving today for the mangosteens.  We bought a couple of  black buckets for the coffee plants so the grumichama will be rotated into their own pots with automatic watering among the larger tiny trees.  The coffee and mangosteens will be moved indoors for special care as they don't seem to fare as well as all the other plants and need some special attention.

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