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Pineapple Guava Bonsai

Diary Of Guava Bonsai Trees

Yes, I'm on a plant binge.  It's not too expensive of a hobby when it is made mostly from seeds.  It does require patience and perseverence, some planning and being adaptable to the nature of the trees.

But, really....  The guava bonsai is just too cute not to try growing it.

The seeds are ordered, and the selections (based on an online
Strawberry Guava Bonsai
recommendation) is the Pineapple and Strawberry bonsai trees.  The botanical names are Feijoa Sellowiana Pineapple Guava and Psidium Cattleianum - Strawberry Guava.  The seeds may not be true, but it is a cheap little experiment.

The seeds will need to be boiled for 5 minutes to break dormancy and then soaked in a shallow bowl of water for several weeks to germinate.  This will be a long process... But not that long in bonsai years.

Being impatient, I ended up ordering one of each from  They have been great for some interesting plants I want to try out.

October 29, 2017; 367 Days To Fresh Fruit - Fresh Fruit Next Season!!!!!
Pineapple Guava

The guava tree doesn't seem to have grown much since the last photo...  That is almost two months and nothing going on topsoil, really.  

It does seem to have spread out just a tiny bit, but the growth appears to be minimal...  although the pot is a bit smaller in comparison.  Maybe a trick of the angle. 

In any case, I've been seeing a lot of posts about very tasty guava ice cream, and many reports of how good these fruits are.  This is something to look forward to, although there will probably be only a few fruits the first season.

If these turn out well, then I'll be off to the races to get some other varieties that grow well in our area.

Pineapple Guava

August 27, 2017; 430 Days To Fresh Fruit

One pineapple guava and the strawberry guava were given to my son and we have one pineapple guava left.  It has grown very well here and blends well with the blueberry plants.

It seems to love the afternoon sun and our desert heat.  We have some time to go before we have fruit. Just over a year and maybe just in time to give us fruit during the winter months the winter after this one.

Even if it is too young to bear fruit, it is possible it could bloom a few flowers for us to try out - the flowers are also edible and are quite cute.

April 2, 2017; 552 Days To Fresh Fruit
Guava plants

It has been some time since making an update here.  Of the four, we have three survivors.  Two pineapple and a strawberry guava.

They are still small in stature,but the growth is looking really good.  I've never had any kind of guava fruit, so I'm hoping these will be worthwhile taking care of them.

Guava Plant Seedlings

October 7, 2016 Seedlings Arrived; 730 Days To Fresh Fruit

Through some ordering mishaps, we ended up with three Pineapple Guavas and a Strawberry Guava Plant.  We're going to keep one Pineapple, Murron, and the Strawberry Guava, Isabelle.  The others are going to my son.

One of the Pineapple Guavas seems to have dropped all of its leaves, and the other guavas have some leaves that have dried and dropped off.  My best guess right now is that the plants were over watered during transport and with our normal pre-potting transplanting.  For pre-potting, we set them in a plate and allow them to get bottom watered.

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