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Hua Moa!

Hua Moa Fruits

Hua Moa Banana Diary

My daughter in law wanted some banana and plantain trees.  I like to get the starter plants and found multiple types of banana/plantain  trees at  Then I saw the Hua Moa listed there.  They are weird looking.  Touted as the worlds best cooking banana and as a Hawaiian Plantain.

When researching, I discovered these can be eaten green or brown.  When ripe, dark brown and mashed, these are reported to taste like banana cream pie.  On top of not being commercially available, being versatile and variations in flavor during the ripening process we had to get one. Plus these things are in danger of being a lost banana variety.

Let's Get Growin

2018 - Hua Moa Died

Hua Moa rotted and died.  We will try again after we have the garden sorted out and can plant a pad in-ground.

August 21, 2017 Complimentary Plants
Hua Moa And Chives

The Hua Moa is growing really fast. Beating the Moringa tree, I think.  The garlic chives are also very pleased with the arrangement and busted out a lot of new growth and getting ready to set some flowers.

I like the combination of the two together and hope the garlic chives will help keep the cold weather from the main stem of the banana tree when the fall weather creeps in.

I've been looking for pictures of the Hua Moa flowers, but can't seem to find a picture that is definitely a Hua Moa flower.  Not knowing can be very annoying. But I'll take photos of the flower when we get one and post it for everyone else to see if they ever look for it...  You never know.

Hua Moa Banana Tree

August 7, 2017 Wow, Has It Grown

Hua Moa was put in a large half barrel planter with some garlic chives.  They seem to be happy together with some high nitrigen fertilizer and are showing it in the amazing amount of growth.

Hua Moa pops a new leaf every two days.  The air is dry and the sun is shining hard, which makes the exposed parts of the new leaves brown and dried out when growing.  In the mornings, I spray the new leaves down with water to loosen the leaf rolls.  This helps the leaf unroll, but they still split.

The height of the banana tree itself is estimated to be 3 to 4 feet tall.

May 13, 2017 Hua Moa Arrived
Hua Moa Banana Tree

If this banana is typical of all other types of banana trees then it will be 18 to 24 months before we can try our first Hua Moa.

The fruits sound quite interesting and flexible.  To be honest, I've always wanted to try eating a banana flower.  It won't happen this go round, but after this tree is spent and makes some new plantlets, we should have multiple flowers to choose from to try out in another few years.  It just takes time, right?  I have plenty of that, I think.

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