Lemon Mangosteen

Garcinia intermedia, Lemon mangosteen

Lemon Mangosteen, Garcinia intermedia

I accidentally found out about this plant while searching for the elusive purple mangosteen plant, fruit and seed.  As long as the seeds are kept moist they will be able to sprout.  This is an excellent candidate for a container garden. The Lemon Mangosteen blooms year round.  Based on descriptions it tastes like super sweet lemons, or "...This taste has been compared to cotton candy that tastes like lemons."  USDA Zone 10.

Let's Get Growin

SUN: Filtered sun 
WATER: Water regularly
SOIL PH: 5.0-7.0
FERTILIZER: Garcinias take off like rockets with Iron Chelate. Just sprinkle a little in the roots and water it in. Spray it at a rate of 1 gram per gallon of water.  Additionally break up the soil around the trees and add 200 gms of bloodmeal and work it in deep. Put loads of mulch around the trees.

Garcinia Intermedia 'Dewi'

November 19, 2017 689 Days To Fresh Fruit

This weekend was Dewi's turn to get re-potted.  This one's leaves are darker and larger and I can only think that this one was set back further under the canopy of a larger tree.

It no longer has small yellow leaves growing like 'Sri' does.  When we last did a root check, there wasn't anything going on underneath, so we turned the pot over and gave a couple of taps to loosen it up and pop it out.

Dewi has finer roots than Sri, and a thinner,
Garcinia Intermedia 'Dewi'
more flexible but still fairly long tap root.  No matter, we're still putting Dewi in a taller pot because it is a garcinia and garcinias need deep pots.

We finished up without incident, got 'Dewi' situated and all is well.  If both lemon mangosteens have the same growing conditions, it is possible they will right themselves and now that they are in the same pots may become indistiguishable from each other.  I'll have to update the labels.

We took down the mosquito netting and pulled off the cloche to get a good look at 'Sri'.  With the changes in location, humidity and lighting, the small leaves are becoming more cream colored, with hints of green and red around the base of the stems. 

The super light and tiny leaves are probably a result of too much lighting for these trees.  Perhaps the changes will be good for these two.

November 11, 2017 697 Days To Fresh Fruit
Garcinia Intermedia 'Sri'

To help decide which lemon mangosteen to move first, I checked the bottom of the pots for root peak.  Looks like the Puerto Rico mangosteen won the race and got moved to a bigger pot first.

Garcinia Intermedia 'Sri'

During the unveiling, we discovered the root had grown through the planter fabric at the bottom. Rather than break the root we just left it on and replanted it as well. Didn't seem to bother it much earlier, so it probably will not bother it now.  

Interestingly, this mangosteen has less top growth than the other lemon mangosteen.  It makes me wonder if the other one has a circling root.  We will have to see tomorrow.

After torturing this plant long enough, it was situated in a 13" wide x 26" tall garbage can planter.  It looks much better than it sounds, believe me.
Garcinia Intermedia 'Sri'

They all got their own little 1 liter bottle winter cloches to keep frost at bay and to help increase ambient humidity. I'm also looking at 'personal' shade cloths for the planters to be able to move these around and not keep them in the greenhouse all the time.

Garcinia Intermedia 'Sri'

 August 6, 2017 - 794 Days To Fresh Fruit

Now that the lemon mangosteens have been in our yard for a while they are looking more like each other and are about the same size.

The leaf growth pattern is kind of a swirl and they remind me of bow ties right now.

They are still so small, I can't imagine them
Garcinia Intermedia 'Dewi'
getting fruit on some itty-bitty trees at this growth rate.  Just over two years from now, these trees may be one foot tall, at most.

There are very minor differences between the one from Puerto Rico and the one from Florida, but I don't know which was which any more.

Garcinia intermedia, Lemon Mangosteen Roots

April 23, 2017 - 899 Days To Fresh Fruit

It was time to do a root check on all the plants we got from Puerto Rico.  We discovered the yellow mangosteen had a circling root, so we needed to make sure all the other garcinas and sapote trees had enough room to keep growing.

After checking the bottom of the pot, I became a little concerned because a root was sticking out of the planter. These plants are supposed to be very sensitive about their roots so we did some gentle maneuvering to release it and get a good look and find our bonus earthworm!

I'm not sure if this is an Arizona earthworm or Puerto Rico earthworm.  I doubt it matters.  In any case, this one was put into a tall, square shaped tree planter to give a lot of room for healthy tap root.

Garcinia Intermedia 'Sri'
As with all of the repotting, we fill up with coco coir and potting soil mix, add mykos and put the plants in.

Based on the different growth rates, I'm not sure I'm tracking two of the same plants that were sold as lemon mangosteen.  The Puerto Rico lemon mangosteen is responding favorably and is doing well with the lush green leaves and the new red leaves.

The other one from eBay seems to have different colored/shaped leaves, a slower grower and less topside activity.

As shown in the previous photo of April 8, the leaves are coming in a lighter color - not the deep red of Sri.  The leaves are longer and not as dark a green as Sri either.

However the beginning pictures are similar. They looked more similar at arrival, so maybe we need to wait a year to see if they are looking more alike.  Dewi didn't need repotting yet, the roots are doing well in the larger planter right now.

Garcinia Intermedia 'Dewi'

April 8, 2017 - 914 Days To Fresh Fruit

We neglected Dewi over the winter, leaving the seedling outside with the citrus trees and some incandescent lighting to ward off the chilling weather. Dewi hung in there, and a bit shabby looking as a result.

Despite the bad treatment, once Dewi was put inside the greenhouse and treated to a tropical watering schedule, some new leaves sprouted up right away.

I don't know if this caused any stunting of the tree, but we are relieved to see it bounce back so quickly.  It seems as though plants, as a general rule, are quite resilient.

Garcinia intermedia 'Sri' Seedling

February 24, 2017 New Seedling Arrived, 1095 Days To Fresh Fruit:

Another lemon mangosteen arrived as part of a four pack discount package of Garcinia fruit seedlings.

Dewi is doing okay, but has not grown much, so nothing to report, really.  This weekend, these plants will be put in the same location to see if Dewi performs better with company and a new environment as specified by the recent seller.

The seller is on Etsy (sc00bySnacks69) and provided great support to all questions about the plant and care.  Seller also shipped the plants very securely.

These are supposed to be fast growing trees, so I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe the changes this weekend will get things going.

October 7, 2016 New Seedling Arrived 1095 Days To Fresh Fruit:
Garcinia intermedia 'Dewi' Seedling

Not being sure what is going on with the lemon mangosteen seed, I ended up purchasing a small seedling on eBay.  A few good things...

The seller, 7 Heads, packaged this little plant really well.  It arrived in great condition with a little heat pack that kept the roots super warm and toasty.

We can look forward to some fruit in 2 to 3 years after transplanting this one.  These can do well in a 15 gallon planter for their entire lives.  A 15 gallon planter can hold 2.3 cubic feet of potting soil.

After checking out the plant it appears the seed at the top of the soil looks much like the seed we planted. I guess we just need to be more patient.

Garcinia intermedia Seed after 30 Days Germination

September 28, 2016:  Checking Seed:

Not really sure what's going on here. The seed doesn't smell.  It has gotten dark brown -almost black  and plump- more round double pointed torpedo shape than the beige almond shaped seed I started with.

I thought it would have germinated within 14 days, but not giving up yet... Sort of. Went with plan B just in case and bought a seedling off eBay.  I'm looking forward to having one or two!

Lemon Mangosteen, Garcina Intermedia

August 28, 2016:  Starting Seed:

Starting lemon mangosteen from seed should not be difficult as long as the seed stays moist.  Germination and sprouting should go along easily. Once that is accomplished, the tree should flower and fruit in three years at most.

Garcinia Intermedia 'Seed'

The seed arrived, and the instructions were to plant it immediately. So, we did.  In one of our nifty little seed starting SIPs.