Diary of Lychee Bonsai

Litchi chinensis (Lychee).  These trees are great candidates for container gardening and can be sprouted from seed.  These can be grown from seed after eating some purchased at a local Asian market.  This is the one that started the interest in growing some tropical fruits.  A friend gave me some lychee to try out.  The flavor has a coconut aroma, with a simple sweet flavor and a melon musk undertone, like canteloupe.  The juiciness and grape like texture of the flesh make it a very refreshing type of fruit. Lychee is an early spring bloomer, producing fruit in as little as 5 years. Lychee is a reportedly fickle producer, preferring a location 4-6 feet above a water stream table, and acidic soil PH. USDA Zone 9-11.
Litchi chinensis seed roots

September 3, 2016:  1825 Days to fresh fruit

Still at 1825 days to fresh fruit, because we have no seedlings yet. But we do have rooting activity!  Hooray!

We need more than one to increase the pollination possibilities.  We have a second that has started rooting, but the visibility isn't that great yet.

Organizing seed sprouting

August 25, 2016:  1825 days to fresh fruit

Still at 1825 days, because the countdown doesn't start until after they are potted.  Lychee is scheduled for potting this weekend.  I ordered some starter pots.

To get the seeds started, I ordered some plastic reusable desert cups and some Wet erase markers to label the seeds.  Once in the starter pots I can label them there too and then just wash the labels off for re-use.  Sounds like a good plan, anyway.  So far so good...

Litchi chinensis seed splitting after 7 days
August 24, 2016: Growing Lychee From Seed, 1825 days to fresh fruit

After eating fresh lychees, the seeds were picked to remove stubborn fruit bits, rinsed and put into water.  Any seeds that float after 24 hours are duds.

Lychee seeds should be fresh because when the seeds become dried out, they are no longer viable and will not sprout.

The water is changed once or twice daily and the seeds are rubbed on the rough end to remove any bacterial growth.  As shown in the picture, the tiny bubbles indicate there is still some growth around, but it isn't too bad.

Since some of the seeds are becoming ready to germinate, this is the first entry for the Lychee bonsai diaries.  Two seeds have split and four more are still in waiting, but not floating.