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Pink Lady Apples

Some type of apple tree bonsai

Diary of Pink Lady Bonsai

First we must clarify that these are grown from seed.  A lot of online pushback for the reasons not to grow apple trees from seed -

* You will not get apples true to parent
* They may not be very strong or disease resistant
    because of unknown rootstock

On a positive note, the trunk is not the biggest issue on the tree and the trunk and root stock do not determine the amount of chill hours required by a fruting tree. The season,variety and flavor can be grafted on by scions.

As soon as the minimum chill requirement is reached the bud will begin growth with the next warm spell. It is the bud itself, not the trunk or roots, that must experience the chill. ~ ParkerMV25

Let's Get Growin

Pink Lady Apple Sprout

August 5, 2017 - New Sprouts And A Seedling

The Pink Lady is hanging in there like a total trooper.  It seems to do well with quite a bit of sun and tolerates the heat really well.

This was so successful, that we started some new apple and pear sprouts after about six weeks of refrigeration in damp paper towels.  We had them marked for a two month stratification, but the roots sprouted and the seed shells had been shucked by most of them.  We didn't want the roots to entangle in the paper towels, so they got planted in some new little seedling bags.  

The seedling bags are a little awkward because they don't really stand up on their own.  However, you don't have to worry about getting them out of the bags when transplanting them to bigger pots because the bags are supposed to degrade on their own after some time.  I also wanted to see if little seedling sprouts having access to air pruning would make any difference.

Apple and Pear Sprouts

May 13, 2017 - One Nice Sprout Left
Pink Lady Apple Sprout

The apple sprouts aren't doing so well.  We have one trooper left, that is tolerating the soil.  I'm not sure what is going on with these, but during a quick repotting today I checked the roots which seem to be doing well and sprinkled them with mykos.  

New soil was added to the little pot and it was watered down a bit.  I'm wondering if the little plants were getting too much water.  It is hard to tell with these. They're supposed to stay moist, but not waterlogged.

April 12, 2017 - Darling Little Apple Sprouts

We have more little sprouts and one apple seedling that seems ready to graduate to a little nursery pot.

There was an accident that upended the little seedling crates and put all the seedlings on their heads.  We had a few fatalities in the apples, but so many more sprouted seeds waiting in the wings.  

March 31, 2017 - Low Chill Apple List For Scions

We try to shoot for 200 chill hours or less here.  Surprisingly, for historical data we get between 300 to 500 chill hours during a year. That is pretty good news.

Dorsett Golden 
  • 100 chill hours to set a crop.  
  • Bright yellow blushed with reddish pink
  • Excellent quality. 
  • Stored for three months after harvest.  
  • Self-fruitful 
  • Cross pollinates Anna
  • June and July harvest

  • 200 to 400 chill hour range(iffy).  
  • Yellowish green with a blush of orange.  
  • Crispy, crunchy sweet flavor.
  • Self-fruitful
  • August through October harvest.

Pink Lady – aka “Cripps Pink”
  • 200 to 400 chill hours
  • Striking bright reddish-pink over green
  • Clean, crisp, flavorful 
  • Self-fruitful
  • September through the fall season harvest.
Anna Apple
  • 200 chill hours
  • Red
  • Remarkable fruit for Southern Arizona
  • Sweet and flavorful
  • Self Fruitful
  • June

March 28,2017 - Germinated Seeds Growing Sprouts

Starting the seed grown apples was kind of a fluke.  When cutting open some Pink Lady Apples we bought at Costco, many seeds have started germinating and look to be very willing to sprout.

Apple Tree Sprouts From Pink Lady Apple Seeds
So, we can grow these from seed. We will have exceptional control over the trunk and branch growth from the start and it should help a lot in doing the espalier training.  We have our espalier set up and we will need some good looking trees to set on it. We have chosen some asian pears and these Pink Lady apples for starters. When the trees are sufficient size, we can graft on branches and maybe do it in a way that makes for a nice garden scape along the back fence.

If all the seeds sprout (looks like they may, or we have ample opportunities for mass apple seedlings based on the high germination rate in the apples), we will have some for the espalier and some bonsai.

When we get to the point where we have big enough trees for grafting, we can use the handy-dandy pollination chart below to select the right type of tree scions.


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