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Diary of Pulasan Bonsai

So, the way to get me to buy something to grow is to tell me it is really hard to grow them.  

Actually, there was a six pack listed by my favorite Etsy seller - two each of Pulasan, Yellow Rambutan and Red Rambutan.  Yes, I already have a red one, but I do not have these or yellow so I had to get them all!  Of course!

Pulasan is an ultra-tropical plant which grows well in very humid low elevation climates.  We have the low elevation, we just need to create the humidity.

Let's Get Growin

SUN: They like shady-sunny 60/40 spots/greenhouses. Try to always keep an eye on soil, since they can easily suffer stress and harm leaves if there is no water. Shadecloth/Greenhouse always recommended for a safe environment. We do recommend a 45-60% UV protection.
WATER: Water regularly, MUST BE KEPT MOIST
SOIL PH: 5.0,6.0
FERTILIZER: Some places recommend no fertilizer, seller recommends a light fertilizer.

Red and Yellow Rambutan and Pulasan

November 16, 2017 - Plants Arrived And 1825 Days To Bear Fruit

We received our package today for the red and yellow rambutans and pulasan seedlings.  We purchased them from our favorite Etsy seller and they arrived in great condition.

We don't have a lot to report at this time, except that we received them.