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Red Sapote

Pouteria sapota, Pantin
Bonsai Diary Of Mamey Sapote Key West (Pantin)

Zapote Rojo (South America) aka Pantin Sapote in U.S., or Key West Sapote is a popular tropical fruiting tree again in the Sapote group. This one has salmon to red colored flesh and usually one large seed.

Mamey Sapote is described as:

A unique, tropical tree fruit with an interior texture that is both creamy and sweet, the vibrant salmon-colored flesh of the ‘Pantin’ mamey sapote is unlike anything most people have ever tasted. The flavor is a combination of sweet potato and pumpkin with undertones of almond, chocolate, honey, and vanilla. ~ SlowFoodUSA
Being on a Sapote binge, and having the opportunity to buy a grafted one at a good price, we added this to the collection for five sapotes.  Red, White, Yellow, Black and Chikoo sapote are all in the mix here.   This one could be a long wait. Up to 20 years to bear fruit.

Let's Get Growin

Pouteria sapota, Pantin (Pan)

2017-10-29 Wow, A Lot Of Growth!

The mamey sapote is doing well.  The leaves are all over the place and really filling out.

Maybe a bit taller - it is hard to tell sometimes.  But this one, I'd like to have a bit taller, maybe 5 or 6 feet tall and can also have a large canopy to protect the root ball in a planter.

2017-08-06 Quite A Bit Taller
Pouteria sapota, Pantin (Pan)

The red sapote is doing quite well in the protected area of the yard.  It can withstand more direct light than the canistel, yet they look very similar.

The leaves seem to be more paddle shape than the canistel, but the leaves are also heavily ribbed and perky with an upright stance.

It is a bit more airy looking than the canitsel.  Eventually the canistel and mamey sapote can be sited close together and look complimentary.

Pouteria sapota, Pantin (Pan)

2017-03-05 New Growth!

The Mamey Sapote is growing well.  The leaves are staying in a happy position and the velvety new growth is starting out red and will become green as the leaves enlarge.

It is always interesting when plants don't look fuzzy but on close up are quite fuzzy and / or hairy.

2017-02-25 Seedling Arrived!
Pouteria sapota, Pantin (Pan)

The seedling arrived in great shape today! Packaging was awesome, and the graft was visible on this one... Only because the wrapping is still on.

The seller is on Etsy (sc00bySnacks69) and provided great support to all questions about the plant and care.  Seller also shipped the plants very securely.

Pouteria sapota graft
The graft still has some kind of tape on it which is probably the only reason I could identify it easily.

I broke out the macro lens for my phone in order to get a good, focused picture of the great graft work done on the trunk-stem.

Since this is grafted, hopefully we won't have to wait so long for some fruit! Possibly 3 - 5 years!

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