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Annonna muricata
Diary Of Soursop Bonsai

One of the last of the tropical plant list for our potted fruiting enjoyment is the soursop. AKA guanabananna, custard apple and a few other names.

The soursop is sweet and sour. It is described as:

Its fragrance is tropical fruity, musky, and nice and its taste is definitely sour but sweet enough. On the other hand, there are some others very sweet. It tastes kind of like a combination of pineapple and banana or papaya. ~

We've been keeping an eye out for some reasonably priced soursops and when the right time and price was found, we bought two!

Annonna muricata flower
The soursop is a great container garden candidate, produce fruit in our area (humidity is not as much of an issue for these as it is for the cherimoya or sugar apple trees).  Soursops self-pollinate and are true from seed. They can produce more fruit with a little intervention (hand pollination).

Let's Get Growin

Annonna muricata

August 5, 2017 - Sunburn, Recovery And Still A Wee Tree...  1715 Days To Fresh Fruit

We tried moving the soursop out further into the sun and the soursop rejected it.  Leaves burned and growth stopped.

The soursop was moved back into the little greenhouse, with limited sun exposure and it is happy again, making new leaves.

These and the other tender tropicals will need some special arrangements come fall.  For now they are loving the heat and limited sunshine.

Annonna muricata
June 10, 2017 A Little Bigger And 1771 Days To Fresh Fruit

The soursop is progressing well under 20% shade with some sun during the day.  The clovers are happy and it looks like an assassin bug nymph is happy to find some yummy snacks on the soursop as well.

Maybe two more leaves since the last photo?  Not a ton of progress, but I'll take any progress with these plants I have little knowledge of.

A little worried that this seems a little too easy to do.  Feel like it could come undone pretty quickly and hoping all will still go well.

May 13, 2017 New Growth And 1799 Days To Fresh Fruit
Annonna muricata

This is probably sounding like a broken record by now, but the little seedling roots were dusted with mykos and some little clover seeds were scattered around for companionship.

Mulch was added to the top to keep moisture in for the little seedling.  It seems to be doing well enough - getting some new leaves with some good coloring.  

I don't know why the other pair of leaves dried up along the stem and dropped off during transport.  Perhaps it was needing water or something.  All is well so far though.

April 17, 2017 Seedlings Arrived, 1825 Days To Fresh Fruit

The two soursop seedlings arrived. They look so young and delicate, I'm assuming they are pretty new and will not produce any fruit until five years from today.  Could be less, but 5 is the outside bet.

Some of the leaves have thin stems and look pretty droopy. They may have suffered a bit of a heat stroke during shipment. I guess any purchases from here on out will be hardy seeds.  It is getting too hot for mail order plants now.

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