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Surinam Cherry

Diary of Surinam Cherry Bonsai

I saw an image update on a Facebook page for the Phoenix Fruit Growers.  It was for black surinam cherries.  I had looked at them before, but finding out about their easy care and extreme tolerance just put me over the edge and made me buy one.  

There is much debate about the flavor of these berries, giving the most tasty fruit with the least resinous aftertaste going to the black fruited varieties.  So.. we ordered a Black Star Surinam Cherry.  Interestingly, Surinam Cherry trees are quite popular for bonsai training and are very prolific regardless.

Lets Get Growin

SUN: Full sun 
WATER: Water Regularly initially, then it can take some drought due to deep root structure.
SOIL PH: 5.0-9.0
FERTILIZER: Quarterly application of complete fertilizer.

November 10 2017 - 730 Days To Fresh Fruit
Black Star Surinam Cherry Eugenia uniflora

The seedling arrived today and it looks great! 

Hopefully we can keep it alive here in the proper conditions, which should be an easy task.  Just need to put it in a planter with garden soil and mulch heavily around the top.

These are supposed to be tolerant to just under 30F, so we probably will not have any issues with the surinam cherry here.

I think we will probably just go with the name Surinam for this one. It is doubtful we will grow another variety.

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