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Thai Ginger

Alpinia galanga, Thai Ginger

Growing Thai Ginger In The Home Garden 

We found out about this herb when making a vegan Thai Soup with my son and his fiance. The recipe was basically something like the BudgetBytes recipe, with our own modifications.  We were doing this as a home soup canning experience for our next gen to see if it is something they would enjoy.

In the process, we could not find the Thai Curry Paste, and when looking for a substitute, we could only find using fresh galengal with a combination of other ingredients to make an on the fly vegan curry paste.

I ended up really enjoying the soup and since we're planning to can a larger recipe for ourselves to use with tofu, shrimp or chicken (all would be absolutely delicious in this broth), the idea of growing galengal for our own use wasn't a stretch.  I tried this with mung bean noodles and rice noodles. The rice noodles are preferable.

August 5, 2017 Galengal On The Way
Alpinia galanga, Thai Ginger

Of the three rhizome herbs we have, galengal is the best performer.  I guess it is happy in our hot summer climate.  The sprout in the image is about 36" or more tall.

I'm not sure where to site it in the main garden area after it has taken off.  I don't know how much sun is too much, or what works well as companions and what does not.

Glad to have it around though.  We have all the spices we need for some good asian type meals to help with managing inflammatory issues such as arthritis as well as assist with digestive issues such as ulcers.

Alpinia galanga, Thai Ginger

February 21, 2017 Rhizomes In

So, I am thinking I'll probably just skip most seeds from the start. I am way to impatient for them when they don't sprout in a week.  I found a U.S. source on to buy the rhizomes.  Shipping was fast and the rhizomes look pretty good on arrival.

Trying not to order from overseas, the SmartSeeds Etsy store had some galengal seeds
Alpinia galanga seeds
for sale.  I bought some... Why not?

Galengal seems to be a lesser known herb in our area and growing from seed instructions are pretty hard to find.  However, I did find instructions on eBay. The seeds on the right look different from the eBay pods, but these could be the seeds within a pod. Eventually we'll find out for ourselves.

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