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White Sapote

Casimiroa edulis var SueBelle

White Sapote (SueBelle) Bonsai Diary

The whole sapote thing is pretty interesting. It is a group of unrelated tree species that bear round, sweet fruits.  So far, we have collected the Black Sapote, Chikoo Sapote, Yellow Sapote and now the White Sapote. Each are distinct, having interesting flavor and textural properties and are now part of the bonsai orchard we have here.

The white sapote is a member of the citrus family.  The SueBelle variety, in particular, is noted to have a great flavor and very sweet.  It is generally described as being similar to cherimoya or like growing custard on a tree.

For us not in an environment humid enough to get the cherimoya to pollinate and produce fruit, the White Sapote could be an acceptable replacement.  An odd fact is the White Sapote can cause drowsiness, and the seeds have narcotic effect.  This should probably be a stay at home fruit.  The leaves can also be used to make a relaxing tea.  The entire tree has some edible/medicinal properties.

Lets Get Growin

August 24, 2018 - Moved, A Bit Scraggly, Officially Tagged and 2370 Days To
Casimiroa edulis var SueBelle
Fresh Fruit

We had great new growth the last time anything was posted on this tree, but since then SueBelle was moved to an area to receive more sunlight and weather exposure.  The old leaves yellowed and died off (some stragglers, still) but the new growth is filling in better than all that sparse growth from before and the coloring is brighter.

Aside from the move, SueBelle was up-potteded and got a stamped copper tag/label to display that it is a white sapote.  The copper tags patina really well and are much more durable than any plastic tag that gets written on.  Done with all that.

We still have quite some time before we can expect any fruit, but that is okay with me.  The trunk is now becoming large enough for grafting, so maybe I can look for a mature scion of SueBelle or some other recommended type to get fruits now and enjoy a little variety.

Casimiroa edulis var SueBelle

October 29, 2017 - Beautiful Leaves And 2669 Days To Fresh Fruit

SueBelle has become quite tall and a very dark green.  SueBelle must be happy where she is.  The spindly look may indicate a need for more sun(but she is so dark green!) or topping off in order to promote branching and since we're trying to keep these trees imperial size topping off now is probably a good idea.

I would like to see more branches and more canopy to shade her growing planter.  Once that is achieved we can probably start moving the tree out with the rest of the more hardy varieties.

Casimiroa edulis var SueBelle

August 6, 2017 - A Transformation And 2753 Days To Fresh Fruit

SueBelle is doing great!  After re-potting, bark mulch, regular watering and low nitrogen fertilizer, there is a lot of new growth and no splotchy looking leaves.

SueBelle is getting taller and seems to be loving the hot, humid weather as are all the tropical trees.  It is great to see it doing so well when, upon arrival, it looked pretty weak and sickly.  I'm not sure what the environment was like where it came from, but the change seems to have been for the better.

There is a lot of satisfaction in helping a tree be all it can be.  It feels too easy.

Casmiroa edulis var 'SueBelle'

May 13, 2017 - Nice Growth And Coloring With 2838 Days To Fresh Fruit

After SueBelle was potted up with Mykos and a new location the leaf growth and coloring is so much better than when it arrived.

The old leaves seem to be spent and withering away, being replaced by these lush green leaves with excellent and uniform color.

When the tree has developed well enough to get some decent sized stems then we can try to graft a scion or two of some 'real' SueBelle and see if there is any difference in flavor, and maybe get some fruit a little sooner.

May 2, 2017 - New Leaves and 2849 Days To Fresh Fruit
Casmiroa edulis var 'SueBelle'

After no progress since moving SuBelle outside, we put it under the shade house and gave it some white clover buddies to help increase local transpiration and root shade.  These were just seeds, so not much going on right now, but the response appears to be favorable.

New leaves are finally unfurling with some color that looks nice compared to the older leaves.  I doubt the white clover is doing much at this point although they were coated with some beneficial covering.

The benefit is most likely the shade and a place where the sun doesn't shine on the planter pot.

Casimiroa edulis var 'SueBelle'

April 27, 2017 - No Notable Changes and 2854 Days To Fresh Fruit

The larger leaves still look just as pale.  The smaller leaves seem a bit darker, but really nothing seems to have happened since transplanting and putting SueBelle outside.

We ended up moving it to the shade house to see if the generally weak development improves in the new location.

February 11, 2017 - 2929 Days To Fresh Fruit
Casimiroa edulis var SueBelle

The SueBell White Sapote was purchased from eBay as a one gallon, one year old tree February 11, 2017.  Seedling trees take 7 - 8 years to bear fruit, so once arriving we have 6 or 7 years before we can enjoy the fruit, but can make tea from leaves here and there.

The leaves look a bit thin and yellow. When things warm up, SueBelle will be moved outside for some weather conditioning.

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