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Dioscorea alata 'ube'

Yams (Dioscoreaceae)

Yams are a root crop, produced from cut up tubers or from areal bulbils. Yams are in the botanical family Dioscoreaceae.

So many people spend time on their blog clarifying the difference between yams and sweet potatos, we're skipping it.

We're just going to move on to the varities of yams we're trying to grow here.

I say 'trying' because we have alkaline soil here and the yams need some acid soil.  4.5 - 6.5. Now, on with the trials...

Lets Get Growin

SUN: Afternoon shade, maybe. Lower yields in shade.
WATER: Water regularly
SOIL PH: 4.5-6.5
FERTILIZER: 1. Two months after sprout emergence apply 85 gm–114 gm of 16:8:24 NPK fertilizer placed 15 cm - 20 cm away from the base of the plant.
2. Six months after planting, a similar amount of potash fertilizer e.g. Muriate of Potash is recommended to encourage optimum tuber bulking.
Best yields are achieved using high levels of organic manures and high levels of potash.

December 6, 2017 - Ube Arrives
Dioscorea alata 'ube' bulbils

Our first buy of a true yam is the unusual ube bulbils. We ordered two bulbils from an eBay seller with great reviews so far. Thus we thought we can trust this seller to send what they promise.

Looks good so far. Now we just need to root and plant them.  According to the Survivalist Gardener, this should be easy enough, but I don't know what soil PH he has over there.  Plus he has probably accumulated a super rich soil over time.

This takes two years to grow a good size root and I'd really like to try one.  I'll need to find a root to eat from somewhere...

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