Yellow Mangosteen

National Parks Floral & Fauna Gourka Tree
Diary Of Yellow Mangosteen Bonsai 

I love the gnarled look of the trunk in the full grown tree image.  Wow, this will make for a super awesome looking bonsai type tree!

The interesting fact about this plant is that it is vigorous and fast and has been use as roostock for grafting purple mangosteen... Supposedly using this as roostock for the purple mangosteen yields fruit faster and is more weather tolerant.

Yellow Mangosteen will bear fruit in 5 or 6 years. Not too terribly long of a wait. Lemon mangosteen should be going like gang-busters by then.

The reviews are mixed on the flavor. I do enjoy a tart tasting fruit, but many agree it is a super-tart and should be grown with miracle fruit (the fruit that makes everything taste sweet).  The tartness has been compared to a meyers lemon (we love those here!).

Let's Get Growin

SUN: Filtered sun 
WATER: Water regularly
SOIL PH: 5.0-7.0
FERTILIZER: Garcinias take off like rockets with Iron Chelate. Just sprinkle a little in the roots and water it in. Spray it at a rate of 1 gram per gallon of water.  Additionally break up the soil around the trees and add 200 gms of bloodmeal and work it in deep. Put loads of mulch around the trees.

2017, November 11 2017:  470 Days To Fresh Fruit
Garcinia Xanthochymus
Yellow Mangosteen

Today was moving day for the mangosteens.  Yellow mangosteen made some awesome moves with new growth and also started showing a very aggressive tap root.

We have the circling tap root that occurred before the last repotting.  Since then, the root traveled all the way to the bottom of a 14" tree pot!  Still not much going on topside, just a couple of new leaves, but this must be why some people try grafting purple mangosteens onto the yellow mangosteen root stock.

It seems an earthworm moved into the little treepot with the mangosteen, so the soil must be pretty good.  It looks mighty dark and it is hard to believe that this was soil put in not so long ago.

I could not find my iron chelate today so I could not prove out the theory the mangosteens really love it yet.  We probably traumatized the mangosteen enough during the move anyway.

Garcinia Xanthochymus
Yellow Mangosteen

A little slow release fertilizer was added, along with a good layer of mulch around the top and some water.

The mangosteens now have some 1 liter DIY cloches to help them stay frost free and increase the immediate humidity, and some nice, tall, attractive planters made from some cheap garbage cans that were on sale.  These are 13" wide and 26" tall.  It probably won't be long before this one will be circling the bottom of the new planter.  Not sure what I will be able to do after that.

Garcinia Xanthochymus - Yellow Mangosteen

2017, April 23:  672 Days To Fresh Fruit

The yellow mangosteen hasn't progressed above ground. Same two leaves.  Same leaf bud threatening to break.  I thought perhaps there is some underground development going on.  We flipped the pot over and we found some roots hanging out. Time for a repot.

The long root has made a circle around the bottom.  good news is there are white tips looking for new soil and nutrition.

Because we were advised all the garcinia's require very deep pots, we put this in a treepot that gave additional root room.  It is about 14" - 16" deep, and still not so wide.
Garcinia Xanthochymus

These were all positioned to be close to the ground and clustered in among several other plants to create a more humid microclimate and keep the bottoms of the roots cooler.

A thick layer of mulch was added to the topsoil to help retain moisture and increase humidity released throughout the day.

2017, March 5: 721 Days to Fresh Fruit
Garcinia Xanthochymus - Yellow Mangosteen

Plants are kind of weird.  This is often confirmed when taking macro photos and getting a nice close glimpse of their surface textures and detailed coloring.

Take the lemon mangosteen, for example. the stem texture is wrinkly like an elephant.  The coloring is quite interesting, some lively green mixed with red tones and a deep magenta leaf bud appearing at center. 

It is nice to get confirmation that the health and growth is doing well.

2017, February 25 - Seedling Arrived!

Garcinia Xanthochymus - Yellow Mangosteen
I had not planned to get a yellow mangosteen.
I did, however, want the purple mangosteen and another lemon mangosteen, so with this thrown in, I thought I may as well grab it up. And since I have this and love the odd plant, I need to buy a miracle fruit seedling also.

The seller is on Etsy (sc00bySnacks69) and provided great support to all questions about the plant and care.  Seller also shipped the plants very securely.

Per Scooby, all garcinia fruit trees require 48" pot to accommodate the long tap root. Looks like I'll be in for at least four cascading style bonsai in my yarden.